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Digital Octopus Radio

DO-1015 R2.1 - 6GB+128GB **New Model

DO-1015 R2.1 - 6GB+128GB **New Model

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Unleash the Beast Within Your Camaro:

Introducing the Digital Octopus Radio DO-1015 R2

Tired of the same old, clunky infotainment system in your Camaro? Buckle up for a revolution. The all-new Digital Octopus Radio DO-1015 R2 isn't just an upgrade, it's a complete cockpit transformation.

Imagine this:

  • A stunning HD ultra-clear IPS touchscreen bathed in the intuitive power of Android 12. Ditch the laggy menus and clunky interfaces – navigate your apps, music, and maps with the smoothest, most responsive system on the market.
  • Redesigned HVAC knobs that blend seamlessly with your Camaro's iconic design. Control the temperature in style, without sacrificing that classic muscle car feel.
  • 6GB of RAM and 128GB of ROM for lightning-fast performance. Multitasking between apps, streaming music, and using GPS has never been so effortless. No more waiting for slow downloads or choppy playback.
  • Your rearview mirror just got an upgrade. A FREE Universal rearview camera comes included, giving you a crystal-clear view of everything behind you, even in the darkest alleys.
  • Built-in CarPlay & Android Auto put your favorite apps and music at your voice command. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel while staying connected to your digital world.
  • Built-in GPS with live traffic updates ensures you never get lost again. Explore new roads, discover hidden gems, and conquer every corner with confidence.
  • 45W RMS of pure audio bliss. Experience every note, every drumbeat, every roar of your engine in stunning detail. This system is meticulously tuned to work with all Camaro models, including BOSTON Premium Audio speakers, for an immersive soundscape that will leave you speechless.
  • But the DO-1015 R2 isn't just about the basics. It's packed with features that turn your Camaro into a rolling entertainment center:
  • Full view anti-glare, anti-blu-ray nano-optical technology: Enjoy comfortable viewing with reduced eye strain.
  • Built-in Wifi: Stay connected on the go and access your favorite online content.
  • HD video playback: Watch movies and shows in stunning detail.
  • 2.0 USB ports: Easily connect your devices and charge them on the go.
  • Reverse video, trajectory, and radar display: Park with ease and confidence.
  • RCA signal input: Connect external devices for even more entertainment options.
  • Compatible with original car steering wheel controls: Keep your hands on the wheel and stay in control.
  • Supports additional installation for DVR, camera, TV, and more: Customize your system to your needs.
  • Android 12.0 operating system: Enjoy the latest features and apps.

Limited-time offer: Get a FREE Universal rearview camera with every DO-1015 R2 purchase!

**Don't just drive your Camaro, command it. Upgrade your ride to the Digital Octopus Radio DO-1015 R2 and experience the thrill of the open road like never before.



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All Digital Octopus Radio head units ship in 1-3 weeks.